Outside of you and the other human members of your family, the most important individual in your dogs world is his veterinarian. It is crucial to begin that relationship as early as possible.

Upon the first visit, your dogs weight, temperature, pulse, etc., will be measured. Our veterinarian will ask questions about how they are acting, eating, etc. He will also give you time to ask any questions you may have. Our veterinarian will also give a physical exam including, but not limited to, eyes, ears, teeth, and joints. If your puppy is at least six to eight weeks old, he will be given his first vaccination. The veterinarian will advise you when to bring your puppy or dog back for follow-up exams and vaccinations. This will help maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet!


Whether you plan to purchase a newborn kitten or already have a cat, your feline's health care is one of the most important aspects of owning a cat. Regular veterinary checkups and having some knowledge about the most common conditions facing your pet will help you make the right decisions for your cat and his health. Also, diet and nutrition, along with exercise is as equally important for your cat's long-term health!